Music Facilitators

“…I cracked open with an amazing DJ and live vocal performance from the amazing Sasha Rose”

DirtyHeaven (Oliver)

IMG_6015Oliver’s passion for creating soulful dance sets has made him a favorite of the Big Island ecstatic dance community for 7 years.

His unique style provides the grace that moves dancers on all levels from lower chakra shaking rhythms to crown chakra chants.

Drawing from exotic rhythms, legendary anthems, and beautiful analog instrumentals, his music will lift, turn on, and inspire.

Sasha Rose

sashaSasha’s background of lifelong musicianship created a strong foundation for her unique style of electronic production and live dj performances.  She combines many elements, learned from her vast variety of musical experience, to offer a truly innovative type of artistic expression.

Her popularity with spiritually focused dance crowds comes from her unique hybridization of original production featuring her live vocals and flute playing with carefully selected inspirational dance tracks from various artists from around the world.  Her performances flow from celestial grooves to tribal world rhythms to down tempo dance dub to collective ascensions to higher realms.  Sasha is one of the most sought after dj’s for Ecstatic Dance and Ecstatic Dance styled events throughout California and beyond.  She has performed at over 40 such dances including multiple appearances at Ecstatic Dance Oakland, Dance Journey, and many others.

Over the last 10 years Sasha has taken her live solo electronic show to festivals throughout the US including Symbiosis, Beloved Festival, Earthdance, Sonic Bloom, Enchanted Forest, Raindance Campout, Photosynthesis, and many more. She has guested with several electronic artists including Random Rab, Vibesquad, Mimosa, Anasia, Zilla, Eoto, J.Boogie, Lafa Taylor, Jamie Janover, Lynx and many others.  In her musical production, Sasha creates luscious soundscapes and thick bass lines bridged by her soulful, angelic voice and a variety of live instrumentation.  Her original lyrics bring awareness and create a deep earth connection to her listeners.

ChrisNa Karast

slide_03ChrisNa Karast a.k.a Christopher Smith, is a multi instrumentalist performer, DJ and producer living on the Big Island. He has studied many kinds of music modalites in bustling universities and city hospitals to quiet caves and secluded jungles. Whether it be as a solo classical guitarist, music therapist, sound healer or Ecstatic Dance DJ, his care and high sonic integrity has given rise to smiles and pleased crowds wherever he performs.

ChrisNa’s sets reach deep into the fabric of Self to bring forth an experience that touches the whole multi sheathed being. Top track selection, live looping, originally composed songs and remixes, live guitars, flutes, voice and other ancient and modern sound tools, combine with celestial crystal bowl frequencies, mantras, prayers, isochronic tones, healing pulses and deep, round and raw sonically pleasing- primally- pulsing basses and drums.


oseyeOsiris Ishpa Palo ~aka~ “OsEyE” is a 1st Generation American born citizen with deep Cuban and Colombian Ancestral roots. Raised in the NYC Metro Area and transported to California in 2005, he embodies a seed of positive change in our culture. His conscious Spanish Hip Hop style is delivered with fire, passion and wisdom, bridging the worlds of Heaven and Earth. His original music and mixes will raise your vibration and allow you the opportunity to dance with your shadow while setting it free.

Inspired by his own healing journey, Osiris is dedicated to the awakening and transformation of Humanity; reminding us of empowerment through Self Love all while running his business (Sacred Wood Essence) that sells Palo Santo incense and essential oils to the world for health and healing.

He is a force to be recognized in bringing forth ancient realms and distant futures while stimulating your cellular memory. Osiris has facilitated intentional events in the past weaving webs of amazing artists in the Bay Area who are here to claim their own unique Divinity.  Many Blessings to You ~ Travel Light ~

Angela Cruz

angela-cruzAngela is an energy medicine practitioner.

In her practice, intention, sound frequency, and vibration play integral roles in creating a space for the most expansive potential for healing.

With this deep awareness, music is one of the ways in which she chooses to share her medicine.

Benjamin Sands

benjaminBenjamin is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who has studied diverse percussion styles from Africa and the Caribbean.

Trance, ritual, healing, and communing with Spirit are at the core of his music and playing.

Seth Robinson

IMG_9464Seth Robinson has been studying and playing African and folkloric music for more than a decade. He has studied with a wide variety of teachers throughout that time, gaining exposure to different styles and techniques. He loves to work with the medicine of rhythm and dance, and has spent countless hours playing for dancers.