Influenced by tribal cultures and sacred geometry, Onanya brings together primal elements with todays comfort and style. On a line of meaningful pieces, that empower you. Honoring the cultures that inspire us to create and carry their story on our designs.

Onanya came about through the interest in textile design being a spiritual art and a language.

OnanyaSome of our work and main inspiration is a collaboration between a Shipibo community of the Peruvian Amazon and us. Our clothing designs become the canvas of their magical patterns. Together we bring you a One of a Kind Piece of wearable art.  We are honored to work and collaborate with authentic Shipibo embroidery. These sacred geometric patterns are songs, prayers and blessings used to protect the Body & the Spirit!

“Clothing used without consciousness is mere disguise. Holy men and women do not dress in order to appear, but in order to be. Clothes posses a form of life. When they correspond to your essence they give you energy and become your allies”
~ Alejandro Jodorowsky

Serena Scaglione LMT

Structural Integration, Somassage, Thai Massage, Visionary Craniosacral

serenaSerena Scaglione is a compassionate and loving therapist that invests her time and energy into the well-being of herself and others!

She fully understands the need to slow down and create time for self-care, love and nourishment. She offers a deep sense of presence and blends her wisdom of many styles of bodywork to create a very special session designed with your needs in mind. She is extremely knowledgable about the body, from both an anatomy as well as an emotional stand point.

Working with old emotional traumas can be the key to unlock chronic tension and tightness in the body. Her vision is to get your whole body in communication, and inspire every part of you to feel happy and connected. Serena offers Structural Integration, Thai Massage, Somassage and Craniosacral therapies.

Talk with Serena about the modalities she offers and she can cater the perfect session designed just for you!