Sunrise Fire Yajna (Fire Ceremony)

Facilitator: Jerry Sarvas
Location: The Point

Jerry SarvasFor the past 6 years Jerry has been doing an ancient fire ritual at sunrise and sunset here on the Big Island.

The purpose of this fire ceremony is to purify the atmosphere and the land and all living beings.

In order to perform this ritual it is necessary to have a constant supply of camphor, ghee, dry cow dung, unhulled rice and samagri (dried sacred herbs).

jerry-2Using mantras from the Yajur Veda, Sri Isopanishad, the Vedic Sandhya and Agnihotra, the fire ritual serves many purposes: It purifies the planet and those participating; it propitiates and feeds the Beings of Light and our Ancestors; it energizes and heals; is effective in fine tuning one’s circadian rhythm using the sunrise and sunset portals (sandhya) and most importantly it connects us with the Divine Light which is manifest in both the sacred fire and in the illuminating Sun.

With offerings of ghee, samagri, and vedic mantras the fire ceremony allows us to connect with the Divine by the alchemical transformation of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.