“Breakthroughs after breakthroughs after breakthroughs…”

~Rachel T.

Urban Roots Workshop

with Amy Secada

A transformational dance workshop that focuses on implementing influences from Capoeira and African dance into a primal free form flow.

Learn to ground your personal freestyle and explore floor work with ease and grace.

Accompanied by live musical inspiration, the Urban Roots technique goes beyond movement to guide you deeper into thoughtless improvisation, energetic awareness, breath control.

Afro House

with Amy Secada

Afro-House dance is an eclectic fusion of African club/urban dances such as Kuduro, Ndombolo, and Coupe Decale danced to Afro-House music. Afro-House music is a popular fusion of African rhythms and House that has evolved from South Africa and Angola and has taken the world by storm. In this workshop you will explore grounding Afro-House foundations, sexy hip patterns and fun footwork developed by the Afro-House culture Open level, all ages welcome.


IMG_5626_1Tribal Noveau

with NagaSita

This is a dynamic bellydance fusion class rooted in ATS (American Tribal Style) and classic Romani, mindfully blended with Modern Egyptian Cabaret, elements of Indian Classical, and a touch of Fosse…. This class focuses on cultivating strength, definition and grace in your bellydance practice. One of my greatest obsessions in the realm of dance is precision. Creating clean, clear lines and power-packed isolations. Infuse these elements with graceful weaving, glides, thoughtful transitions and you’ve got pure serpentine magic. Tribal Nouveau is NagaSita’s signature style, and not only is it packed with dynamite elegance, it is non stop fun!!!

Temple Tribal

with NagaSita

NagaSita’s unique concoction of Temple Fusion Bellydance: Temple Tribal is a potent blend of Tribal Nouveau, Indian Classical Temple Dance, Tibetan, Javanese Court Dance and Butoh. In this class we gently open with essential yoga and warm up with conditioning, then dive deep into drilling the technique’s that are essential for mastering this exciting new form of fusion. We will practice various classical Temple steps, postures, mudras and subtleties, then infuse them with some serpentine bellydance magic. This class culminates with a rich tapestry of divine expression, weaving all of the previously practiced motifs together into a powerful Durga Embodiment choreography. Expect to have fun while being challenged and enjoy opening up new pathways of energy through the body to awaken the divine feminine within.

This 3-hour workshop is open to the community.
Thursday, November 30, 2017. 1-4pm @ Kalani. $30

Dance Art Sanctuary

with Miriam Peretz

IMG_4602A highly ritualistic, fluid, ethno-contemporary class focused on exploring ways to embody prayers and intentions through movement and dance while opening the senses and awareness to the space and to each other. We search for spirals in the body, moving from the center, finding deeper breath in movement, and using dance as a healing art. Movement style is ethno-contemporary with influences from various world dance traditions. Each class offers a theme based on a soul trait (character refinement,) that inspires an improvisational element exploring personal story and process. The class also draws heavily on Miriam’s choreographic repertoire.

Sacred Dance of the Silk Road

with Miriam Peretz

IMG_1044Persian & Central Asian dance infused with contemporary and devotional movement practices.

This unique workshop form developed by Miriam Peretz, offers a full range of expression from traditional Silk Road dances, to devotional, contemporary, and improvisational movement. The session begins with an invocation, a greeting of the divine presence within the group and space, becoming fully present, and connecting with community in the sacred circle of dance. Then moving onto an intensive contemporary inspired warm-up, focusing on the spirals of the body, fluidity in the spine, contract/release, and getting the blood flowing. Then the class moves into traditional techniques of either Persian or another Silk Road dance form, culminating in short combinations and or choreography. This workshop also focuses on numerous styles of Central Asian turns.

Turning Towards the Heart

with Miriam Peretz

A journey in creating devotional dances through turning, poetry and heart. In the sacred circle of community we will meet each other face to face, and join our hearts in breath, song, dance, and prayer. With whirling at the core of our movement, we will explore different ways to move through space in circles and spirals. By incorporating elements of focused breath-work, various turning practices, ritualized movement, and intentions, we will create personally meaningful and interpretative dances.

Cocréa Conscious Partner Fusion

with Wren LaFeet

IMG_6329Freedom through Form

We don’t get to choose what body we’re in, but we do have the power to shape it and to choose what happens to it and through it. This class seeks to strengthen dynamic structure, learn form and embody the freedom we gain through its mastery. Working with polarity to encounter and initiate change from an empowered, grounded place, we’ll play with techniques for deepening listening and responsiveness and opening creativity to new movement possibilities. The practice: creating ourselves as safer containers for another to express so the partnership can enter into balanced, harmonic union and be responsive and playful with change. The inquiry: “how do I move with my unique polarity to support both my own and another person’s emergence?”

Kinetic Intimacy

Using social partner dance as our common language, our intention is to explore form and craft containers with such great integrity that our ability to request and receive consent and play from our hearts, bodies and spirit emanates in our every movement and action. Refinement of our intuition and listening is paramount to the purpose of co-creating a more sensual experience based in our holistic humanity and the enjoyment of touch.

The Infinite Spiral: A Dynamic Approach to Rotation

This workshop on turns and spins approaches the subject by viewing them as simply space being created and filled. Armed with proper technique to protect our bodies, we’ll explore fun and unique ways to create new turns and rotation sequences on the fly. Experience greater body awareness and spontaneity in your dances.

Spinaesthesia: Jedi Music Appreciation

What if you could convey your experience with music to another using your body and your dance as a conduit for the music to move through? What if sounds became tastes, or textures? Deepen your understanding of music to co-create a full sensory experience in movement catapulting your partner and you into kinesthetic bliss.

Silvestre Technique and Symbology of Orixa Dance

with Rosangela Silvestre

IMG_5619_1The vibrant traditional and contemporary dance expressions of Salvador, Bahia are a celebration of life, culture, and community. Through an in depth exploration of the Silvestre Technique and Afro-Brazilian Orixá Movement, this workshop dives into movement and mythology, gesture and meaning. We will explore the intersections of contemporary and traditional dance representations of the forces of nature ( Earth, Water, Air, Fire) // Orixas. Class will focus on how these two dance idioms layer gestures to create meaning, and how these layers of interpretation can be brought out in our movement through individual and collective expression. Workshops will feature live musical accompaniment so that dancers may gain an understanding of the interconnected relationship between dance and music within Afro-Brazilian movement practices.

The Silvestre Technique is a contemporary Brazilian dance approach bridging the foundations of modern dance with Afro-Brazilian cultural symbols and gestures. Moving through a series of exercises -“conversations with the body,” the Silvestre Technique works to prepare body, mind, and spirit for dance. These corporal conversations take the student out of a place of copying and repeating, allowing them to live each exercise and discover new possibilities. Through physical and expressive training, this technique creates a solid movement foundation for dancers of all backgrounds Exercises engage the Four nature elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire; The Three Triangles: Balance, Expression, Intuition/Perception, and the Universe- Earth Connection.

Rosangela will offer a 3-hour long workshop open to the community, accompanied by live percussion.

Saturday, December 2, 2017. 1-4pm @ Kalani. $25 – $30 

Contact Improv

with Karin Moriarty

Project Dance: Movement Exploration and Emotion

“Contact Improv with a twist: Exploring the Emotional Undertones in the Dance”

Class Structure: The class will be taught as a four-part session, but students can attend one or all four sessions during the dance camp. At the end of the fourth session, we will stitch it all together –contact skills and a bit of choreography into a dance performance. This class is open to all levels and abilities.

Class Description: The class will offer a deep exploration of the fundamental elements and skills of contact improvisation, adding some elements of choreography and emotional undertones to create magic.

Special focus will be placed on balance, use of energy, force, and directionality. How to become more efficient with our movement, how to make our bodies be in tuned with the environment and with our own heart. We will aspire to feel lofty and airy, while at the same time learning how to feel grounded.

The body is our instrument, which cannot only create magic and aesthetically pleasing movement, but can also be used to defy gravity. At the same time, we will increase our awareness of how our tendons, muscles, and skeletal structure behave, as we move in space aided by another’s mass. We will pay special attention to balance, and the idea of multiple axis’s within our bodies. Using the interplay of center, core and being off-balance will be investigated.

You will be encouraged to let fear subside, and to be free to connect with others on the dance floor. By letting your own energy flow, sprinkled with some resistance is the perfect recipe for creating expressive movement and interaction. Boundaries will be addressed as compliments to artistic interpretation and fluidity, as opposed to being restrictive or impersonal barriers that impede expression.

How do we delve in into our past memories, and relive them through sensory memory, to create movement? Students will be guided through a series of exercises to create vignettes –scenes or moments— from passages of their lives, to create new realities in the present. These techniques are intended to provide non-confrontational attitudes toward what has been stored for a long time.

The class will be your safe container; you will feel held not just by others, but even by your own energy!

Traditional Dance from Guinea, West Africa w/ live drums.

with Michál Anna Carrillo

In this class you will go through a series of stretches and warm up movements to ready your body for the energetic and powerful dance of Guinea, West Africa.

You will be exposed to two rhythms with focus on one rhythm, breaking down movements and moving them across the floor.

This class will challenge your right- left brain coordination and be a joyful experience of drums, self expression and cultural immersion.



with Jared Sam

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Dive into the rhythm of your own heartbeat and breath as we energize our afternoon practice with sun salutations, twists, warrior sequences and balance postures. We’ll begin with some grounding kundalini breathwork, and transition into heated, solar standing postures to open our hearts and detox our bodies.
We’ll cool down with seated forward bends and gentle inversions to soothe the mind and prepare us for a deeply rejuvenating and relaxing final Savasana.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Great for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, as well as those looking for more of a relaxed approach to flow (vinyasa) yoga, this practice invites the awareness of conscious movement through gentle twists, spinal flexes and supported postures guided by the most simple variations. Emphasis on listening to our bodies own intuition help direct the level of engagement as we use alignment and breath to explore sitting, standing and reclining postures. Feel your energy balance, have moments of calm meditation and integration in this gentle yet focused flow offering.

Yin Yoga

Reconnect to your breath and your body’s energy in this quiet, restorative class where we explore relaxing into postures for extended periods of time (anywhere from 3-5 minutes per posture). Based on meridian theory, Yin Yoga helps open up the nadis (energy pathways of the body) in passive stretches that allow our life-force energy (Prana) to flow more freely. A wonderful compliment to a more active yang practice, Yin postures allow for many moments of deep meditation and leave us feeling peaceful, centered and sublime.

“what a blessing this experience has been in my life”
~ Elana